Sorority Suspended for Forcing Frat Bros to Eat Dog Treats

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It’s been a big week for the University of Connecticut, winning both the men’s and women’s national NCAA basketball championships on Monday and Tuesday. Go Huskies! But back on campus, the Delta Zeta sorority has taken their partying, and maybe hazing in general, a bit too far.

In fact, the sorority girls have been accused of forcing men to drink, paint their bodies, wear women’s underwear and take shots off of one another’s bodies all while eating dog treats. OK, so probably not all while eating dog treats, but dog treats were allegedly consumed during a hazing event on March 7. The men involved, reports the AP, were part of a UCONN fraternity that has yet to be named, but I’m assuming it’s probably Delta Zeta’s brorganization. My question? What were the hopeful members of Delta Zeta doing while all of this dog treat eating was going on? Aren't they the ones actually attempting to join the sorority?

Until further notice, the ladies of Delta Zeta have been banned from throwing any parties or jamming at anyone else’s until UCONN’s investigation of their shenanigans is complete. Elsewhere, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities were suspended in March and are still under investigation thanks to hazing.


Obviously, these incidents aren't funny — hazing can be dangerous and foolish — but it’s kind of funny. Sorry, mom.

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I'm totally confused. How can a sorority "haze" men?