They say there is someone out there for everyone. There is also something out there for the everyone's who are dissatisfied with the taste of their partner's semen or vaginal discharge.

The adult products company HiPleasures has released Sugar Cum, described in a press release as "a unique, all-natural pill used to invigorate anyone's sexual experience by making men and women taste sweeter." It can be purchased online, but it will also be available in select stores in the Miami area shortly.

On their website, HiPleasures indicates that the product contains "Proprietary Blend 650mg, Pineapple Extract, Acai Extract, Papaya Extract, Wheatgrass Extract & cinnamon." (Other ingredients: magnesium stearate and gelatin.) They call this super-secret mix of ingredients "nutritionally and sexually stimulating."

A package of 2 capsules will cost you $5.99 and it is recommended that you take your medicine an hour before having sex. The testimonials on the website are, unsurprisingly, all raves:

...real talk, there is a lot that goes on inside a woman's body which can make us feel self conscious and un-refreshed down there. Unfortunately it makes it difficult to pleasure some girls and is a turn off. Thanks to Sugar Cum I can eat juicy peaches all day again.

I hated the way my man's junk tasted… so bitter and salty and I spit it out the first time he finished in my mouth! ... I came across the HiPleasures website and read about Sugar Cum. So we both tried it. I swear we ended up multiple times that night and almost every night since.


Sugar Cum is definitely not the first product like this on the market; others include Cum D'Licious and Yummy Cum Semen Enhancer. But it is the first product from HiPleasures, which evolved from a sex shop founder Brittani Feinberg opened in Miami a few years ago. Will Sugar Cum wow people who like to have sex? The proof is in the ejaculation.