Many of us watch morning television like it's a NASCAR race, just waiting for the wrecks. And boy, Morning Joe really delivered yesterday, when Mika Brzezinski literally pulled a real, live cat out of a tote bag. Her cohost's cat, no less!

The Huffington Post spotted this strange little moment, in which Mika unzipped a Vineyard Vines bag and out came "Colonel." (Of course Joe Scarborough named his cat Colonel.) She followed up with a little lecture about Joe's relationship with his cat, urging him to pay her more attention and get her spayed:

Did you screech, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" while watching this video? Because I sure did! I guess Brzezinski was cat-sitting, but if this is an example of her cat-sitting skills, I don't think it's going to be a side business any time soon. A particularly WTF moment:

"I've been working with her Joe, you have to learn to handle her better," Brzezinski said.

"You mean keep her in a bag!?" Scarborough yelled.

"No... you just have to give her love and you have to take care of her and you never, ever ‚ÄĒ look at me ‚ÄĒ you never ignore her."


Also, please note the facial expressions on her fellow panelists:


If this seems like a terrible idea to you, that's because it was. (How did she get the cat into the bag without the cat ripping her face off? Must be a pretty chill cat.) The Dodo called up a cat expert, who seemed both bewildered and disapproving:

"Basically, I'd want more context on the nature of the problems Scarborough was having with her, where he got her, what she's doing with his co-worker and why she isn't spayed! Otherwise, this seems like a gimmick ‚ÄĒ and not really a good example of responsible pet ownership."

That said? Morning television could probably use more cats.