Meet Sprinkles. Sprinkles is a tiny, adorable kitten with a tiny, adorable purple cast on her back leg. Sprinkles might actually be a robot engineered in an alien lab in order to destroy humanity by exploding all our hearts simultaneously, and I am A-OK with that.

Every spring, the San Diego Humane Society opens a nursery for orphaned kittens who need 24-hour care. It holds 250 patients at a time; since opening in 2009, they've cared for almost 5,500 kittens. This year, they posted on Facebook about one of their new additions, a wee calico whose story will break your heart:

She came to us severely injured; we believe her umbilical cord wrapped around her rear leg and cut off her circulation. At such a tender young age, with her eyes still closed, Sprinkles was in a delicate condition. It was vital that we were able to nourish her so she could begin the healing process. Currently, Sprinkles is wearing a cast on what remains of her back leg.

Once she's old enough, her damaged back leg will be amputated. But don't worry—Sprinkles gets around just fine. Also, she is cute as hell. WE BELIEVE IN YOU, SPRINKLES.*

*Jezebel will not be held responsible if you run out and immediately adopt kittens. However, it's probably the best idea you've had all week. I mean look at her:


Photo via Facebook.