J-Law to Shailene Woodley: Don't Do Drugs or Make a Sex Tape

Shailene Woodley, star of Divergent, isn't shying away from comparisons to the OTHER young adult book-to-movie star, Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, she's tackling the obvious head on and explaining how she reached out to the galaxy's Queen of Movie Promotion for advice.


On Late Night With Seth Meyers, Woodley told the ex-SNL funny man that she exchanged emails with Lawrence, who basically told her "ummm, yeah, this shit is a no-brainer; do it and go cash your huge money checks at the bank of Super Fame that I use. Seriously, how could you even doubt this? What, do you hate money or something? Come on." (I'm paraphrasing just a bit.)

Woodley says she has yet to meet Lawrence, which seems utterly improbable by Hollywood standards. Clearly, the two should be fused together via high-tech brain fusing surgery, so they can wander the galaxy searching for "V-GER" and the perfect organic brow highlighter.

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Side note: I am super into the short hair trend. I have been going shorter and shorter and I LOVE IT. So liberating. That cut is really great on her.