Bradley Cooper Has a Surprise for a Jaded Louis C.K.

This video will serve as a glorious beacon of hope for every struggling actor out there who has ever been told "you're never going to make it." And they have Bradley Cooper to thank for it.


This video is making the rounds all thanks to an interview comedian and actor Louis C.K. did with Stephen Merchant. In a conversation about the challenges of show business and the difficulties of getting famous, Louis C.K. uses the example of those young wannabe actors who ask questions at the end of "Inside the Actors Studio" and how chances are no one will ever hear from them ever again.

"There's no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then, you're gonna be HUGE!" he says.


Oh, you sure about that? Lemme ask my good friend Academy-Award nominee Bradley Cooper. (Watch through to the end for Cooper getting THE absolute last laugh.)

Haters, please take your seats to the left.

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Bears for President

The hair going on in that Inside the Actor's Studio clip is intense. Between Bradley "Flannel Shirt tied around the Waist" Cooper and Sean "Vampire Detective" Penn I'm guessing that neither one is thrilled that this got dug up.