Possible Wreckage from Missing Malaysian Flight Spotted By Australia

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Australian officials say satellites have spotted two objects that may be from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.


According to NBC News, the objects were spotted off Perth. The larger object is about 78 feet across:

[Prime Minister Tony] Abbott told Parliament on Thursday afternoon that he had spoken to Malaysia's prime minister about the objects, which were spotted in satellite imagery off the coast of Perth. Abbott said more analysis was needed before it could be determined whether the objects were, indeed, from Flight 370.

"The task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult, and it may turn out that they may not be related," he said, but he characterized the find as "new and credible information" in the search for the Beijing-bound plane, which disappeared March 8 after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.


A press conference was held earlier describing what Australia found. John Young, emergency response general manager for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority explained how it was spotted and how it was discovered:

A P-3 Orion aircraft arrived in the area about 1:50 p.m. (10:50 p.m. ET Wednesday) to try to get a closer look at the objects, and three more jets were on their way to assist, Young said. One of them, a U.S. Navy P8 Poseidon, which was believed to have already arrived in the area, he said.

Young agreed that the analysis mission would be difficult, describing visibility in the area as "poor."

Young said it will take more time to further investigate the debris. He called the discovery "the best lead we have right now."

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Those words came out of Tony Abbot's mouth. Therefore, THEY ARE NOT TRUE! Sorry everyone :(