Adorable Corgi Video Ends in Explosion and Flames

Rare is the person who enjoys housecleaning duties, but this corgi really despises everyday cleaning products. Which is how this attempt at a super-cute video ended with an explosion and a woman's kitchen in flames. Ta-da!

The video's actually a golden oldie in Internet years, but recently popped up on Digg. The footage was supposed to be for an episode of "Pet Sense," a Pet Collective show where an animal communicator helps problem pets work through their issues. Yogi's issue, obviously, was his tendency to dive into kitchen cabinets and attack whatever cleaning products he found. But when the crew tried to film an example, things went horribly wrong. (Yogi is fine. I cannot say the same for his owners' cabinets.)

Let this be a lesson in the dangers of attempted viral stardom via pets. Heaven knows how many injuries per year are caused by botched cuteness.

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Translation of the barking in the background: "See???? What did I fucking tell you?! That shit under the sink is bad news!"