Kate Winslet Breast Pumped Her Way Through the Great L.A. Earthquake

The Los Angeles area was quite literally rocked by a 4.4 earthquake this past Monday morning, leaving many famous people (and non-famous people, but who cares about them) unwisely ducking for cover under their door frames. Among those rich and powerful was Kate Winslet.


As Winslet told yesterday's Ellen audience:

"I've never been in an earthquake. And so it's 6:20-something or another and I'm sitting in the hotel here in L.A. and I'm pumping because I have a 14-week-old baby, I'm here for 48-hours — I couldn't bring him...And so I'm pumping, staring at my beautiful picture of my beautiful baby boy, my husband is on the other line and the room starts to shake...[I] ran to the door frame with my friend who was with me...and just carried on pumping through the whole entire thing!"


Winslet also explained how her son Bear Blaze got his unique — well, unique until you realize that his dad is legally named Ned Rocknroll — name. Turns out her older children became quite jazzed on the name Bear early on and "Blaze" was chosen because Winslet and her husband basically met during a house fire.

When Ellen asked why Bear's last name was Winslet and not "Rocknroll," Kate responded with a perfect "Why do you think, Ellen?"

Ah, KATE. You claimed my heart in Titanic and have yet to give it back! Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime and never let go till we're gone...

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I am so jealous of the women who pump then feed their child.

I breastfed my first child for a year until I just stopped because I was too exhausted all the time. He never took a bottle. At first we just spoon fed him. Once he latched he still didn't want bottles.

I am preggo with numero 2! is there any way to sort of help the child just take a bottle!? do you guys have any recommendations for best bottles?

I was never one of those women who feels that breastfeeding is so spiritual and such. It's SO MUCH work! and it hurts. And sometimes I just want to be physically away from the kid to breath. I like physical touch but the constant touch when babies are newborns is just so overwhelming. So I am hoping and praying and crossing my fingers and dancing around fire that this baby will take a bottle. Then I can just pump and put it in a trusty little bottle and get a break once in a while.