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Behold. You Can Now Warm Your Feet With Taco Bell Socks, I Guess

Illustration for article titled Behold. You Can Now Warm Your Feet With Taco Bell Socks, I Guess

Guess what, Fourth Meal fans? Now you can show your love for Taco Bell in the best place imaginable—your feet!


Not content to hold your taste buds hostage, Taco Bell's latest idea for creeping its way into every aspect of your life is by offering up these new socks, covered with tacos, burritos and taco pizzas.

Taco Bell announced the new merchandise via a tweet which read, in part, "This is not a drill."


It's not a drill. What it is the heralding of the Apocalypse and foreshadowing of the great End of Days, and a new reckoning that will befall all of human society a sign that fast food companies are starting to market to their "super fans," people who are diehard devotees of fast food chains and want to show their adoration in special ways. Like having the XXL Chalupa or the Big Beefy Crunch Burrito splashed all over your clothing. In-N-Out fans proudly collect merchandise to show their love and that's paid off pretty well for the burger chain. It's not surprising to see other fast food chains want to try their hand at cult branding of some sort. I'm personally holding out hope for some kind of Jack-in-the-Box themed lingerie. (WHO ISN'T?)

This is still nothing compared to Moschino's fall collection, which featured a high-end McDonald's uniform. Next up, Burger King offers a luxury bejeweled version of the King's crown valued at thousands of dollars!

I don't know about these socks, but I would definitely wear something to herald my infinite joy over the Waffle Taco. That thing is a work of culinary art and we should be bowing down before it.


Image via Twitter.

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