Flower-Delivery Drones Fly Again, Thanks to Federal Judge

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Truly, friends, we do live in an age of technological wonders. Thanks to a decision by a federal judge, a Detroit-area florist plans to resume tests of flower delivery via drone.

The Motor City and romance—both saved!

FlowerDeliveryExpress.com originally announced it was staging an Internet-friendly marketing stunt testing delivery via unmanned aerial vehicle the week before Valentine's Day, complete with video:

The FAA quickly shut them down, on the grounds their little brainstorm required authorization. But since then, a judge has ruled in the case of a photographer fined for "reckless flying" with a drone, suggesting the FAA can't regulate flights below 400 feet. So, according to Detroit's local CBS affiliate, the publicity-seeking tech-savvy florists are back at it: "We have to do some more testing on it and develop it into a more seamless and available product." The option won't be available to the general public for some time, though, if ever.


A humble suggestion for the offerings via drone: the option to be showered in rose petals. Just dump a bucketful on my head, guys. I'll be right here waiting, jostling with all the ruin porn photographers.

(h/t Fark)

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I think drone deliveries are great in theory, but what if you aren't home? What if you live in an apartment? Will a drone just show up, hovering harmlessly outside your bedroom window until you notice? What if it crashes by accident on your property? Are you liable if your pet attacks the drone and breaks it? What if I steal the drone and turn it into a pet? Will it love me back? SO MANY QUESTIONS