Pastor Starts Website for Waiters to Dish on the Church Crowd

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It's pretty common to hear viral tales of restaurant customers unnecessarily invoking Jesus in their tiffs with waitstaff. Well, one pastor has become so embarrassed with his fellow Christians that he started a website just for waiters to complain about the bad behavior of the church crowd.


Tennessee's Kingsport Times News reports that a local Christ Church pastor, Chad Roberts, was en route to a conference in Atlanta when yet another story of bad behavior came across the transom. He and his colleagues decided to do something:

"We were sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings saying, what could we do for the serving community to show them that the church cares about them and that we're not judgmental? What if there was a website where servers could just sound off, they could just vent, and then the church say, it's OK, we get it, we understand?

"Mainly when we saw the comments that people were making about (the situation in St. Louis), that's when we knew we needed to address this issue." That something, it turns out, is Sundays are the Worst, a place for servers to air their grievances—the idea being to show that not all Christians are so snotty. Every week, a randomly chosen contributor will get a gift card.

Of course, there's something in it for the church: "For us, another win is going to be families who are thinking about trying church, we hope they'll see this and go, now that sounds like a church we'd love to check out."

The resulting site is pretty dishy! For instance:

I had a man in a nice suit, who I overheard say he had just come from church and now they were going to spend the evening watching movies. He asked me for a particular movie and when I told him I was sorry but we were sold out, he went ballistic, called me a stupid bitch and worse. The only good thing about it was I heard somebody call his name and ask what the problem was, turns out it was his preacher who made him apologize to me.


Charming! Then there's this crowd, who seems to have thought they could pass as European tourists:

Being new to Tennessee, I had no idea where we moved, the standard was 15%. That is crap. Well one of my first Sundays I had a 13 top, well they ran me to death, got them loads of ranch, refilled all their sweet teas, not to mention they took 2 hours and my whole section. They left me 3$. THREE dollars?!?!? Needless to say to transferred to another store, and that Sunday I walked with 10$ after tip out.


Here's the dooziest of doozies, though. Meet the anti Golden Girls!

One Sunday, I had a group of four older ladies come in and were sat in my section. I greeted them, and since I am required to do so, offered them an alcoholic beverage along with non-alcoholic choices. All four women got irate with me, calling me a "heathen" and informing me that I was going to hell. I apologized profusely, and explained to them that I was required to suggest it but the damage was done. They ordered their food, then complained that all of their food was wrong, made a huge mess, and just generally ran me to death (getting refills, extra bread, napkins, etc). As if all off that wasn't bad enough, they complained to my manager so that they could get their meals discounted, and then told me that they were "giving my tip to Jesus to try to make up for all my sins".


Reached for comment, Jesus said, "SMDH."

(h/t New York Daily News)

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I waited tables in Lynchburg, Virginia, one of the "buckles" of the Bible Belt. The after-church crowd was always horrendous. They'd routinely under-tip, snidely ask why I was working that day instead of going to church, leave gospel tracts instead of cash tips (even the maddening "fake" tip) and generally act like entitled, demanding, holier-than-thou pricks.

I even waited on Jerry Falwell a few times, and even though he was a model customer (literally the only nice thing I can say about him), his grown children and their families were complete brats.