Porn CEO Offers to Put the Guy Who Outed Duke Porn Star in a Movie

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The latest twist in the long, winding saga of Duke University and its sexual mores: A porn CEO has outed the freshman who originally connected the dots re: the "Duke porn star," claiming suggesting he's a subscriber to

This calls the student's judgement into serious question, because who still pays for pornography in this day and age? Don't kids learn anything about money management anymore?

Creative Loafing Tampa reports that Mike Kulich, the CEO of Monarchy Distribution, has written an open letter to Thomas Bagley, the Duke freshman who originally ratted on his classmate to a frat he was rushing. It starts:


First off, I would like to thank you for being such a fan of our business. For someone who subscribes to a site like Facial Abuse I want to commend you for spending the $200 a week your parents send you every week for living expenses wisely. Facial Abuse is a great site! There is nothing like watching a new girl getting a huge cock viciously rammed down her throat. I like your taste!

Kulich—who previously offered Amanda Knox $20,000 to appear in one of his company's flicks, so don't get the idea he's some paragon of chivalry—proceeds to offer Bagley $10,000 to appear in a Facial Abuse scene with the actress of his choice. He concludes by saying that he'll throw in an extra grand for every inch of Bagley's wang over four: "Get your tiny pecker out here and become the next Ron Jeremy kiddo!"

It's a sleazy move, in response to a sleazy move. The circle of sleaze!

Given that Bagley started this whole thing by saying "Hey, I watching porn the other day and..." it's not like his partaking was any secret. And given the double standard obviously at work here, it's all too easy to imagine his bros simply high-fiving him. But he probably isn't too pleased to have his particular preferences splashed all over the Internet, just a Google search away. Then again, Ms. Knox didn't want to deal with harassment and death threats, either.


Anyway, I bet the folks over in Chapel Hill are just loving this whole story.

Correction: Turns out, Kulnich doesn't actually know for a fact the kid is a subscriber to He just ~deducted~ that must've been the case, based on where Knox has performed:


So add this to the long list of Kulnich's sleazy publicity grabs. The headline has been updated to reflect this correction; good on the kid for at least not wasting his money on pornography.

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Was it a shitty, sleazy thing for the porn company to do? Yes

Do I feel that bad for him? NOPE