Cressida Bonas Makes Her First 'Official' Appearance With Prince Harry

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And by official, I mean in "Queen Elizabeth has accepted that Cressy isn't going away anytime soon so she might as well keep up the royal image" way. She accompanied him to Global Youth Empowerment Day at London's Wembly Arena, and wore silver high-top Chucks. I like this girl!

Did anything else happen? Just the usual: Harry was super hot and wore a blue plaid shirt and a metal bracelet that screams "laid back youth." He spoke at the event for 10 minutes and made corny jokes about how he wasn't Harry Styles, while Cressida heckled him (at least according to the Getty caption on this photo). Oh, and the pair also kissed on the cheek in public, so they'll be engaged by next week.

Image via Getty.

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She was a retail whore

My entire interest in this woman is balanced on whether she can get me an email address for the guy to her left.