This Jesus Machine Will Turn Water Into Wine

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Unlike regular humans who need a wine store or a vineyard of some kind, a new gadget called the Miracle Machine allows you to make wine with water and your iPhone. Yes, you read that correctly.

After plugging in the Miracle Machine and selecting the kind of wine you want to make, the gadget, comprised of “a thermo-plastic fermentation chamber, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor and a motor to mix the ingredients,” gives you direct instructions on which ingredients to use and “connects to" the mixture via Bluetooth. Basically, the machine itself monitors the mixture as it ferments and in a couple of days or so, it’s wine. Apparently it’s that easy, writes Mashable.


As for the ingredients, the Miracle Machine makers Kevin Boyer and Philip James plan to include wine-making packs that will give buyers grape concentrate, yeast and other bits you’ll need for whatever kind of wine you want. This piece of magic will cost about $500 and has a Kickstarter campaign coming, because doesn’t everything?

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I was realllllly excited until I got to the price tag. I guess I'll stick with my everyday miracle of turning $9 into wine at the store.