Female Brains Are Better at Fending Off Mental Disorders

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In the evergreen debate regarding which gender has real brainpower, today the females win thanks to a new study that reports we can beat out brain disorders like autism at a greater rate than men.

"The study suggests that there is a different level of robustness in brain development, and females seem to have a clear advantage," said study author Sebastien Jacquemont of the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Jacquemont told The Financial Express that women develop brain mutations similar to men but we’re somehow “better protected.” And while tons of jokes could be made about the eternal battle of the sexes, this news could actually spark real change in how researchers approach the brain.

"Our findings may lead to the development of more sensitive, gender-specific approaches for the diagnostic screening of neurodevelopmental disorders," he said.


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I haz a confused. I thought women experienced things like depression at a much highe r rate than dudes?