Kids Reacting to Rotary Phones Will Either Entertain or Depress You

This video of adorable children dumbfounded by old rotary phones will either make you chuckle because rotary phones are ridiculous and weird or it will make you burst into tears, especially when they start talking about how this is like the old phones their mom probably learned to use when she was little. Oh sigh.

The devastation on their young faces when they learn that OLD PEOPLE LIKE US could only talk to their friends when they were actually at home is heartbreaking. Much like these children's moms, I had a rotary phone and can actually remember the day we got a push button phone in the house. It was like my mother had brought in a robot from the future. We made random phone calls for an hour, just so we could hear the buttons beep.

Next up on Olde Timey Reminiscing Hour, I share how exciting it was when we got our first VCR.

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themeaghanshow: season 3

Oh god. When I worked at a thrift store a while back some kid came up to me holding a cassette tape and was like "what's this?" I felt so fucking old.