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Would You Swipe Right for These Oscar-Nominated Characters?

Illustration for article titled Would You Swipe Right for These Oscar-Nominated Characters?

I'm going to be real, I would swipe left all the way for Samantha (no way, no how, goodbye) and would probably break my finger swiping right for Anna and Dr. Ryan Stone (who has been to space! I will always want to meet someone who has been to space! Even if that space was fake!). (Swiping, by the way, is Tinder's proprietary way of showing interest when using the app, and is not an obscure term for intercourse.)


Time has put together a pretty awesome gallery of Tinder profiles for some of the most popular characters who will be talked about at the Oscars this year. Who would you swipe right for? (What if there were Disney Princesses involved?) (I would swipe right all day for Ariel.) (CALL ME!)


Image via Time.

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No More College Granddad

Is "swipe" bro talk for fucking? If it is, you're a weird mother fucker.