Bus Driver Punched Repeatedly; Passengers Just Stood There and Filmed

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Keisha McGregor drives a bus on Long Island for NICE, Nassau Intercounty Express. Monday, she was attacked by a passenger who missed her stop because she did not realize the bus was going express. The passenger threw a water bottle at McGregor and then began to punch her. There were 30 other passengers on the bus and no one called 911.

Two passengers shot video of the incident on mobile phones. McGregor told Eyewitness News:

"I still had my foot on the brake. I didn't even have my emergency brake on, so any minute, I could roll, I could hit a building or something. So all I did was just try to hold… And they didn't even care about me. Nobody even cared about me."

So she kept her foot on the brake, saved more people from being injured, and no one attempted to assist her? Shameful. The good news, if there is any, is that the video might help police find the assailant, who had a small child with her (!) and is still at large.

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As a black woman, I can't even begin to explain how cultural notions about your disposability and lack of work directly effect your sense of self.

What American culture deems as black women being "angry" or "strong" is directly correlated to survival mechanisms.

I had to tattoo fragile on the back of my neck because my instinct to keep myself whole was making me forget that I was.

Racism as it plays out on black bodies is beyond the pale and the thing I think white people just generally do not understand.