Bill O'Reilly Certain There Must Be a 'Downside' To a Woman President

Fox News shouting head Bill O'Reilly has finally made it to 1979 in his slog through American social progress, last night posing an important gotcha question to two female panelists: What's the downside to having a woman as President? I MEAN THERE'S GOTTA BE A DOWNSIDE!


O'Reilly's two guests, Fox News political analyst Kristen Powers and Republican Strategist Kate Obenshain, were both on Team Eyeroll when it came to O'Reilly's opening treatise, which is watchable in clip form above or readable in word form below:

There's gotta be some... downside to having a woman President. Something! Something that may not... fit... with that office.

...... PERIODS?!?!?!?!......

Powers shot back, "What's the downside of a man being President?" and Obenshain responded that she tries to stereotype all men and all women. A promising start to a discussion that could have made me want to put my head in an oven!

After some excellent RUFK looks from both Powers and Obenshain on the split screen, O'Reilly continues,

Look: men are men and women are women. There's a difference. There's a difference between the genders. Now, men, they're tied up, a lot of em, in their macho image, and that kinda thing. And they act like you're not gonna push me around. That could be a deficit, y'know. They're not as kinda open to ah sensitive discussion as women.


Both Powers and Obenshain were on their game in responding to O'Reilly. Powers brought up strong female Secretaries of State who were somehow magically able to perform the duties of their post without lactating all over foreign diplomats. And Obenshain remarked that there are plenty of male politicians who didn't, in her view, act sufficiently tough. O'Reilly ended up looking kind of clueless alongside his female panelists, like the husband in a detergent commercial who doesn't know how to open a washing machine, only to be saved by the more competent wife.

Not to be one of those WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR 2016?!!? people, but I hope that if there is, in fact, a strong female candidate in the 2016 election, the right wing tone is set by people like Obenshain rather than people like Bill O'Reilly. I'm 100% on board with her refusal to judge a candidate's competency based on that candidate's gender. The Benghazi thing? Eh. Can't win 'em all.


Is there a downside to a female President? To answer Bill O'Reilly's question, yes. And that downside would be having to listen to four years of Bill O'Reilly's lectures on gender theory.



Bill —

In 1959, people were saying the same thing about Irish Catholics. As an Irish Catholic, do you think that fear was well-founded or the product of prejudice and ignorance and fear of the unknown?