Lena Dunham To Host Saturday Night Live on March 8

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It seems like sort of a surprise that it hasn't happened sooner, but Voice of a Generation Lena Dunham will be hosting Show of a Generation* Saturday Night Live with Band of a Generation** The National on March 8.

Earlier today, Dunham tweeted:


That is actually a character who I can highly relate to.

A Girls sketch seems inevitable, but it's very unlikely that anything will manage to top Tina Fey's turn as Hannah's new roommate Blerta in this parody from last year:

Still, Dunham is enthusiastic, a good sport and doesn't take herself too seriously, which are probably three of the most important qualities in a SNL host. The fourth and most important quality is a little harder to nail down as it involves being either Melissa McCarthy or Justin Timberlake. (That said, 3 out of 4 isn't so bad.)

*This generation = 1970s.

**I don't know what this means.

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Being as there is no love in the comments yet, I for one, am excited she's hosting. I'm excited to see how she does in this setting. I could really go either way as far as how she'll do, and I am pretty neutral about her in general, but I do like Girls and I appreciate Dunham's success. She seems to be able to poke fun at herself, which I think is key to being a good SNL host.