Porn star Kayden Kross was recently named "The Hottest and Smartest Porn Star in the Room" by Nerve after she wowed them with a funny Reddit AMA a couple weeks ago. Other news in Kross's life: she just had a baby, a choice that can be complicated, especially when lots of people have seen the part of you that said baby will come out of.

In an interview at The Awl with Jessica P. Ogilvie, Kross – who had her daughter with partner Manuel Ferrara, also a porn star – shares some really interesting points about sexuality and motherhood from a perspective that's not often heard. For instance, she explains how getting pregnant was particularly stressful for her because of her job:

The anxiety I went in with was probably worse than the anxiety I've had during the pregnancy. In this industry, it's not only like, "Will I look fat in clothes?" but also, "will I have changes in the most intimate places?" I don't think there's any other industry in the world where you fear an episiotomy scar, if it comes to that.

And how she's not too worried about raising her child and having her find out she did porn:

I mean, I'm not religious, and we're not gonna raise her in a religious way, or with the attitude that sex is somehow shameful or bad. So that fear of sex that comes from that will not be there.

I mean, there's obviously going to be the idea that there's a time and a place for it, you don't just go out and... I mean, its funny coming from a porn star to say that, but you don't just go out and fuck and spread it around everywhere for no good reason, for attention or whatever you're doing. There are reasons to have it and reasons not to have it. So I think she's gonna have a very healthy idea of what sex is, and it's not gonna be a scary, evil, bad, secret, mysterious thing.


The best part is when she talks about how porn stars are people. Which you knew, but that means that, just like people who aren't in porn, some of them should have kids and some shouldn't:

To be honest, there are some cases where porn stars shouldn't have kids. There are some cases where doctors shouldn't have kids. It's a matter of the person. Some people shouldn't have kids. You have to have the resources. And I don't mean you shouldn't have kids if you don't have money. I mean, if you don't have the actual emotional resources, the things that you need to give a child so that he or she can grow up in an environment where he or she feels loved and respected—if you can't provide that, don't bring a fricking kid into the world!

It's a good read (also the art on the story is perfect).

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty