Remember "Reignbow Pony Plugs," the VERY colorful, VERY playful butt plugs designed by Laguna Beach star-turned-adult film actress Tasha Reign to make it look like you have a pastel ponytail growing outta yer keister? It turns out that those rainbow butt plugs are actually part of a marketing tie-in for Reign's latest film, Tasha's Pony Tales, an Anne Rice and brony inspired porno or — as you might call it — "a porno for me."

Tasha's Pony Tales (you can watch the NSFW-ish trailer above) is the story of a group of women who, after drinking a potion at a sleepover, are transported to fantasy land where they've magically turned into busty lady/pony hybrids who are lovin' life. It's then they discover that to remain in their new world as ponies, they must obtain the "unicorn love juice" found only inside the kingdom's ruling class of centaurs who, yes, all look like they were cast straight out of the Shore Store.

While the film quality in the trailer might make it look like Tasha's Pony Tales was filmed on a potato, EJ Dickson, a writer for The Daily Dot, insists that it's actually not that bad:

While admittedly light on plot, Tasha's Pony Tales is one of the most charmingly bizarre adult films I've ever seen (the multicolored tails in particular are totally adorable). While it certainly seems to live up to its reputation as "the adult industry's first-ever brony-themed movie," it's not quite that: Reign says she was inspired to make it after reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. "It's all about pony play and this whole kingdom and these princesses that are all dressed as horses, and I thought it was the sexiest book I ever read," she says.

But it is trying to appeal to bronies, right? Absolutely. As Reign explains:

"I love the idea of there being an adult version of My Little Pony, bringing people back to the nostalgia of being a fan of the show," she says. "When you watch a parody in porn, it gives you something familiar or similar to what you're used to, so if I were a brony, I would 100 percent go watch the movie, because it's similar to My Little Pony, but there's also nothing like it out there."

She might find that she has more luck going after Anne Rice fans because bronies, for the most part, aren't all that interested (at least not publicly). As Dickson discovered, adult fans of My Little Pony are generally reluctant to sexualize it and the bronies who do incorporate an erotic element — called "Cloppers" — are already considered a fringe part of the fandom.


But to each their own! I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who will really enjoy Tasha's Pony Tales. Keep on cloppin' on, you freaky freak bronies. KEEP FANDOMS WEIRD.