As previously mentioned, Miley Cyrus's Bangerz tour features a few disquieting visuals. The 21-year-old singer rubs her crotch, rides a hot dog, and wears a leotard covered in pot leaves. And: In one Americana-themed segment of the program, she kneels in front of a gentleman clad in a tuxedo and a Bill Clinton mask, pretending to fellate him.

In the same portion of the show, Miley dances with a a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty, two women in a Mount Rushmore headdress, and a little person wearing a Liberty Bell costume. The song? "Party In The USA," of course. But while obviously, kneeling in front of faux-Bill Clinton's crotch is… notable.


Some might find it disrespectful. After all, President Clinton, who recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, has many other accomplishments beyond saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Miley Cyrus was born in 1992; the Lewinsky scandal broke in 1998. She was five or six. Perhaps the idea of sex in the Oval Office was embedded deep within her psyche at a young age. But while other musicians have made incorporated an American Commander in Chief into their art — from The Dead Kennedys to The Misfits to Snoop Dogg — for some reason this feels less like a political statement and more like childish antics. Instead of shooting fans a strong message, this feels like a limp, impotent dribble of a transmission. Insert your own "spit it out/hard to swallow" jokes here.

Images via Splash.