Idris Elba Would Like To Play Superman. Please Make This Happen Now.

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Why is that every time Idris Elba opens his mouth and talks, magic happens? His words are like beautiful white doves, soaring out of a magician's hat on a stage in Las Vegas.


Never mind all that talk about Idris playing James Bond. He's got bigger and better plans. From the behind-the-scenes video of Vanity Fair's "20th Annual Hollywood Issue" (which is seriously a gift that just keeps on giving and giving), here's Elba making sexy word talk with his mouth—I mean, telling us about which superhero he'd think he'd be best to play.

"I know this is going to sound a little controversial, but the other day I DJ'd for a Halloween party and I went in a Superman costume..."


"I didn't want to take it off. Got a lot of compliments."

Hollywood. Get your shit together and make this happen now. In case you doubt how awesome this would be, please behold Elba DJ'ing dressed as Superman, which is apparently a thing he does.


In other cute interview tidbits, Elba said the first thing he remembers filming as an actor was a public service announcement about keeping bicycles locked up outside public transportation. He played the guy who runs over a hill towards the station, only to realize his bike has been stolen. "I just remember feeling, oh you stupid idiot, you look so stupid," he says of the memory. "Why didn't you just keep running? You'd probably catch the guy."


"I don't think George Clooney can beat box," Elba says when asked if there was anything he thought Clooney can't do. AND THEN HE BEAT BOXES JUST FOR YOU.

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Henry Cavill received a lot of backlash from patriotic Americans because he is British and only Americans should play Superman (even though he is not American he is an alien) but could you even imagine the shit storm if a Black Brit played Superman, Fox News would declare war against the UK.