Go Eff Yourself For Valentine's Day and Have Some Real Fun

This video is for all you single people who are sick and freaking tired of watching everyone around you go nuts about Valentine's Day. (Yes, I'm thinking of you guys. Always thinking about you guys.) This is the best possible suggestion for what you could do on Valentine's Day. And you'll probably have a whoooooollllleeee lot more fun than that girl going apeshit about her stupid engagement ring, too.

This video was made by Kady Ruth Ashcraft and Hayley Kosan, who both hope we're all having a good time fucking ourselves today!

So, Happy Valentine's Day. Now go fuck yourself. And enjoy it.

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ad infinitum

I've never liked Valentine's Day—way too saccharine. But I happy celebrate February 15, AKA International 50% Off Chocolate Day.