Fifth Grader Explains His Superstitious Ritual for Invoking a Snow Day

"First," says Lucas Heiberger, "you put three ice cubes in each toilet of your house." The New York City fifth grader was interviewed this morning for NBC News' storm coverage, during which he revealed his "formula" that he believes helps get school cancelled for a snow day.

So according to Lucas it goes like this:

1. Three ice cubes in each toilet of your house.

2. Put your pajamas on inside out and backwards.

3. Put a spoon under your pillow.

4. Before getting in bed, put your shoes on backwards and walk around, with as many steps as you are years old.


While NYC public schools were not cancelled, the private school that Lucas attends did, indeed, declare the day a snow day, so it looks like his methods have worked.

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Dodai Stewart

I love this kid. Weird superstitions make me happy. My mom is super superstitious: You can't put your purse on the floor and you can't let hair from your brush or comb get away or go outside "or the birds will make a nest and you'll go crazy."