It's a Melissa McCarthy/Gangster's Paradise in the New Tammy Trailer

Here's the preview for Tammy, the latest Melissa McCarthy movie about a woman who loses her job at a fast food restaurant, robs said fast food restaurant, then hits the road with her hard-living grandmother (played by the far too young seeming Susan Sarandon). Like an all-in-the-family Thelma & Louise?

In addition to starring in Tammy, McCarthy has co-directed alongside her husband Ben Falcone. The film is produced by the pair, as well as fellow creative life partners Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

I am onboard with any road trip comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and always support drawing grotesque masks onto paper bags. This has potential.

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I'll watch anything Allison Janney's in once. She's fucking GREAT.

A bit tired of the "Sloppy Funny Fat Chick" roles for MM. She was a delight as Sookie on Gilmore Girls and was the best thing about that dumb Katherine Heigl-and-Josh Duhamel-inherit-a-baby-movie. I KNOW she'd rock a role showing her as capable, smart, and pulled-together.