The Bible Belt Loves Making Amateur Porn

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The Bible Belt is a strange place, equal parts Chick-Fil-A and strip clubs, sunday school and Spring Breakers. So it's no surprise that, according to one company specializing in amateur pornography, the region submits almost a third of its content.


That's according to tech blog Betabeat, which reports that Homegrown Video recently took a look at the demographics of folks submitting video and now claims that between July and December 2013, 29.6 of submissions came from the Bible Belt. Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas and Georgia were all represented, but it was Texas and Florida that really drove the overall showing, with 6.9 percent and 10.8 percent of submissions.

Though the degree to which Kansas and parts of Florida count as the Bible Belt is a matter of some debate. (Plus let's just hope everyone in these videos is fully a-okay with being featured.)


"I think the important thing to take from these results is regardless of region, religion, sex, or political views, people have an innate curiosity about sex," said Homegrown Video owner Farrell Timlake. That's one takeaway, sure.

This does jibe with numbers from PornHub. According to Pando Daily, that site found religious cities seem to consume the same amount of porn overall, and "Residents of more churchgoing cities' spent about 47 seconds longer per visit than their non-religious counterparts."

Hell, it's more interesting than watching whatever Kirk Cameron's latest is or listening to another lecture about the Rapture.

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