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White House Not Happy About French Journalists' Oval Office Selfies

Illustration for article titled White House Not Happy About French Journalists Oval Office Selfies

Forget all that gossip about French president Francois Hollande cheating on his wife. Selfies, that’s the real subtext of his visit to the White House this week.


While Presidents Obama and Hollande met to discuss their mutual interests in the Oval Office on Wednesday, France 24 reports that established reporters who’ve probably seen a few fancy places in their time couldn’t resist the urge to snap a selfie.

Naturally, White House staffers were displeased; they told the group that this type of social media foolishness wasn't really acceptable in the home of America's first family. But you know the French. They don't care. One particularly bold writer for the prestigious Le Monde paper named Thomas Wieder even shot a selfie with Hollande and Obama in the background.


Selfies without borders!

Image via Twitter.

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Obama's expression is absolutely fantastic. Who are these clowns and why are they in my Oval Office?