Seriously, when is enough enough? Adventure Time has some great female characters, and gender-swapping storylines, so why does the fast food chain think it's a good idea to market an Adventure Time Happy Meal line, and cut out all the female characters?

Gahhhhh, this is so annoying. When I was Happy Meal age, I remember getting tons of Disney Princess figurines with my cheese burger and fries, and also wishing that I could get some Hot Wheels for variety, or at least so that my princess toys could drive around their imaginary kingdoms, instead of having to waddle around on their skirts.

Seriously, Mickey D's, it's 2014. And Adventure Time is a legitimately progressive (and great) show. No disrespect to Paul Frank, but getting one of his monkeys instead of Princess Bubblegum with my meal just pales in comparison. Or better yet, encourage kids to collect all of these toys, regardless of their gender. Don't make the choice so difficult.