Look here! During this year's Superbowl, Jaguar will air an ad featuring Tom Hiddleston in a tuxedo. Now usually, I think it's gross to get excited over Superbowl ads because I think it's gross to get excited about ads in general. But then I read "Tom Hiddleston" + "tuxedo" and all my anti-consumerist principles flew out the window. Yes, it was that easy. Yes, I would like to charge a Jaguar to my debit card. And, no, I do not know what you mean when you say that my $125 account balance will not cover it.

The Jaguar ads — which will also feature Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong — are a celebration of big screen villains entitled "Rendezvous." (You can already see Ben Kingsley's segment here) and will be Jaguar's first ever venture into Superbowl advertising, but blah blah blah, who cares about all that.

There's only one real question that needs answering anyway.

Do youuuuu come with the car?