Strippers Have Workers Rights, Too

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We Are Dancers NYC is a new outreach project made by and for strippers in Manhattan. Their website has legal info, health and safety tips, financial advice, and other resources for exotic dancers, and they're trying to raise money to distribute even more helpful info in strip clubs across the city.


Here's how they plan to spend the money:

  • Translate the website into Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.
  • Design, and print mini booklets, containing selected information from the website.
  • Distribute the booklets to dancers in clubs across the city. We plan to focus on clubs in Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

Awesome. Check it out!

(Image via We Are Dancers)

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question: is it inherently creepy for me (a dude) to go to a strip club? on the one hand, it's an institutionalized place for the male gaze and objectification. on the other hand, drinking whiskey and watching beautiful people dance sounds pretty awesome. HELP!