Cosmo Begs For Pictures of Your Butt

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The girl with the golden butt, newly anointed Instagram star Jen Selter, is stopping by CosmoLive today. In honor of her visit, the team at Cosmopolitan would like you to tweet them a picture of your posterior. Don't everybody rush the office bathroom mirror at once!


Don't ask me why because I certainly do not know. The first contribution was a girl noting the difficulty of lining herself up for the perfect butt shot, so let's hope nobody pulls a muscle.

I'd like to take a moment to beg and plead most earnestly for an immediate end to the term "belfie." It sounds like a particularly hideous belch, or some sort of geological mud fart. Also, it's a made-up nonsense word we didn't need—"butt selfie" is perfectly sufficient as a descriptor. "Belfie" must end here and now, by God.

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I feel like people that are wowed by her butt have never been inside of a gym before. It's a nice butt, don't get me wrong. But it's not a phenomenal butt. It's the butt of a lady with good genetics and a gym habit. I see them all the time, how is she getting famous off of this?