15 Years Later, Lawyer Decides To Prove O.J.'s Innocence

Illustration for article titled 15 Years Later, Lawyer Decides To Prove O.J.s Innocence

In a newly-released document, O.J. Simpson's former lawyer F. Lee Bailey claims to have evidence O.J. isn't a murderer. Bailey writes that O.J. has "no history of resorting to raging violence to solve his emotional problems," ...aside from domestic violence.


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1. I'm surprised that F. Lee Bailey is still alive, let alone concerned enough to clear Orenthal's name.

2. I might've been compelled to ^5 this news - oh, during my freshman year of high school - by Orenthal has since proven that while he may or may not a murderer, he is a dummy who was too simple to keep his ass out of trouble after he was acquitted.