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15-Year Old On Miley Cyrus: "I Don't Want To Be That"

Illustration for article titled 15-Year Old On Miley Cyrus: I Dont Want To Be That

So what do actual 15-year old girls think of the whole Miley Cyrus-Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair shoot? The New York Times decided to ask some (specifically students at Manhattan's Beacon School), as featured in an article in today's Metro section. "My friend loves her," said one girl, "Well, she love-hates her. [And] she called her a slut [when she saw the Vanity Fair photos]." She went on. "Is this who we're supposed to be growing up to be? I don't want to be that. It's sending a message that girls are supposed to be whores. It's like you only get so many years to be a child, and then once you're an adult, you're an adult for, like, 100 years. That's it. Welcome to adulthood. There's no turning back."


Maybe this is what bothers people the most about the Miley Cyrus shoot: That it's less about exploitation, and more about robbery. Why take a girl's youth away from her earlier than is necessary? (And is it ever really "necessary"?) Also, what's the difference between Vanity Fair and the execs at Disney who trot kids like Cyrus around in order to fill their corporate coffers? I can't really find one right now.

The Miley Cyrus Message, in the Eyes of Schoolgirls [NYT]

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I feel kind of bad for Miley because it was so obvious that she was going to get a global smackdown for being too famous but I didn't think it would happen this quickly. She was everywhere for a while—even presenting at the freakin' Oscars.

I think a lot of stars deal with that problem where you get so famous you think you can't mess up and then the whole world turns on you, it's just sort of sad to see it happening to a kid. I wish her parents had watched out for her more. And not just with the stupid photo—they could have kept her from oversaturating the entertainment media so quickly but I guess they got greedy.