15-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Christian School For Being Bisexual

Today there's another sad reminder that for many homosexual teens, the risks of coming out go beyond getting bullied or angering their parents. An evangelical Christian high school has expelled a 15-year-old girl for saying she's bisexual on Facebook.


In this CBS Sacramento report, Alexandria Kraft says a teacher at Calvary Christian School confronted her after reading on her Facebook page that she's dating another girl who is home-schooled. She says the teacher told her "that's not accepted here," adding, "Take your books and leave. You're kicked out." An administrator then called Alexandria's mother, Catina Ayala, and asked "if I knew my daughter was gay." She added that she knows there are other homosexual students at the school and, "If they are going to kick my daughter out, they should kick everybody else out that is bi."

Even if the policy isn't spelled out, the school may have the right to expel students for being gay. In 2009, the California Supreme Court ruled that private schools don't have to follow the state's civil rights laws. But the school's actions are still morally reprehensible. Recently, the New York Times reported on how gay students are struggling for acceptance at Catholic and evangelical colleges. Even if the schools specifically banned homosexual conduct, students weren't immediately expelled for admitting that they've experienced same-sex attraction. Some tolerated students saying they identify as gay, even if administrators just want to help "deprogram" them.

Calvary Christian School showed less tolerance to a minor than some religious colleges have for adults. Alexandria wasn't trying to start a gay-straight alliance or demanding to bring her girlfriend to the prom. She was starting to explore feelings she'd "always been curious" about outside of school. Even if that violates the school's principals, the way officials dealt with the situation was unbelievably insensitive.

Christian School Expels Girl Over Sexuality [CBS Sacramento]

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Um, is no one else unsettled by the fact that any institution may be exempt from having to follow civil rights law?!

Like, it's either the law or it is not the law. Private schools should not be exempt from having to conform to the law. Wtf?