15 Ways The Media Would Be Different If It Were Run By Women

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Women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media. -Annenberg Public Policy Center, "The Glass Ceiling Persists"


So what if the media were run by 97% women and only 3% men? Here's what would change, as envisioned by Nell Scovell and Gloria Steinem:

1. 60 Minutes would be 30 Minutes because, frankly, who has the time?

2. The Real Housewives of LA, New York and Atlanta would actually be the real housewives of LA, New York and Atlanta.

3. At the end of romantic comedies, the wise-cracking best friend would get the guy.

4. Violence against women would be the subject of lead news stories, not just opening teasers for crime shows.

5. The Fox News motto "fair and balanced" would describe more than its female anchors' hairstyles.

6. The New York Times would — oh, wait, the Executive Editor of the NYT is a woman now. Never mind.


7. Good bye Chick Flicks. Hello Prick Flicks!

8. Network shows claiming to empower women would not be set in The Playboy Club.

9. No more reporters would appear in CNN "human holograms." They're not sexist, just stupid.


10. Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel wouldn't be the only Late Night hosts with boobs.

11. No one would ask Pat Buchanan to offer an opinion on anything ever again.

12. Actresses over 50 would get to be as sexy and serious as actors over 50.

13. To preserve realism, when characters get pregnant on TV shows, the actresses would be required to pad not just their bellies, but their butts.


14. Esquire's new annual issue: "Women We Don't Necessarily Love — But We Respect."

15. Men would never stop complaining that 3% was a ridiculously low number and they were being discriminated against. Women in power would listen... and agree... and do everything they could to help men achieve equality.


This post was written by Gloria Steinem and Nell Scovell, and originally appeared on The Huffington Post. Republished with permission.



Kat Callahan

As someone who believes strongly in gender as a social construct, I have to say that in a world run by owners of vaginas, there might be substantially less cause for celebration. The terms "man" and "woman" would have very different conceptualisations and Ms. Steinem would find she probably didn't like that world either. Number 15 would be the most unlikely of all.

Sure, if you waved your magic wand and replaced the current male majority and female minority with a female majority and male minority, while keeping their experiences intact, you might see these come to pass, but not in a parallel universe where women have throughout history been the hunter/gatherer/warriors responsible for war and politics. They'd just be "men" with different parts.