Saturday Night Social: Melissa McCarthy Gives Zero Fucks About Football

And yet, she will host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 1, less than 24 hours before Super Bowl XLVIII. Since the Super Bowl will be on CBS, SNL and the Super Bowl really don't have a whole lot to do with each other, but it's still nice to know that there are people out there willing to openly defy the evil NFL Empire by paying absolutely no attention to its biggest event of the year.

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I have to get out my wisdom teeth and am internally flipping shit. I am scared. I fucking hate dental surgery. HALP.

My options are to get it done in town, fully under, or out of town, not fully under but not 'with it'. Like, conscious but unaware? I want to be asleep because fuck this noise (like, actually. Fuck the cracking teeth noises.) but I also don't want to die? Also in town is a much longer wait than out of town.

Like I said, I'm scared. I'm an anxious person. I've had dental surgery before and while I don't really remember it, I remember the crunching and the needles in the gums (which I absolutely hate) and blood. And now I need nore debtal surgery. This is like one of my worst nightmares. :(