Did Dance Moms Leak a Fake Arrest to the Media?

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Kelly Hyland—one of the moms on Lifetime's reality hit Dance Moms—was arrested and booked for assault and harassment way back in November for getting in a "cat fight" with the show's star Abby Lee Miller, according to TMZ. So why is this the first time we're hearing about it?

It seemed a little odd that the news of the November arrest wasn't reported until January 9, roughly one week after the premiere of the fourth season of Dance Moms. Wouldn't a violent brawl between a children's choreographer and a parent have at least made it into the local paper's police blotter back when it occurred?

To boot, TMZ, the only source for the story thus far, conveniently mentioned that "cameras were rolling during the altercation." Is this just a ploy to get viewers excited for the show?


Hyland herself was caught on camera—in video uploaded to YouTube—accusing the show of being fake and scripted. She later went off on a Twitter rant about how she wants to quit the show, but can't, presumably due to contractual obligations. So far, she's kept mum on her social media accounts about the supposed arrest.

When asked to confirm the arrest or if it would be aired on the show, a rep for Lifetime said, "No comment."

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Can Vivi-Anne confirm? Even though she is a "Candy Apple" and her mother is Cathy? Comments Vivs??