Watch This Cat Do The Daytona 500 Under A Table

I will openly admit right now I have never seen a cat do anything like this and I am totally mesmerized.


What could possibly be going on in this cat's mind? I must know! Is the cat chasing invisible mice running upside down under the table? Is the cat living out his own, real-life kitty version of Days of Thunder? If so, is the kitty playing the Tom Cruise part or the lesser known yet still highly lauded role of Rowdy Burns as portrayed by the great Michael Rooker? And more importantly—is this movie reference from 1990 way too fucking old for a modern-day blog post? (Yes. Yes, it is. Sigh.)

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My cat used to do stuff like this. She'd go into a temporarily insane mode we used to call "claw crazy" and tear ass around the house, grovel on the floor frantically, climb the furniture, etc. God I'm glad she got old and lazy. It was funny to watch, but also mildly terrifying.