Welcome back inside the hall of mirrors known as Selfie Loathing, your weekly update of what's going on in celebrity Instagramland. This Friday, Madonna has a dick bong; Gisele frolics in the snow; Jennifer Hudson makes someone squeal; and Kat Dennings has manicure advice. Enjoy.

Morning hike with my lady @amandadecadenet #startingthemorningright #girltime #goodconversation

#FuckYouNYBlizzard #puertorico

Here we go!! #rockineve

Fun Times 2013 into 2014

Happy 2014

Just found this Polaroid shot of HH and moi I love him!

NYC Winter

I'm flying! #freezing⛄️❄️�� Estou voando! #congelando

Snow Bunny Is DONE!

Where I started my day. 2000 meters high! No risk no Glory!

Out with The Old in with the New!! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! "You like this and you know it"

Watching Johnny Football @espn@obobrien

I resolve to never lose sight of what's important. And to meditate every day - I've been slacking. What's your New Year's resolution?

New year, new horrible DIY band-aid french manicure

Apple cider and my girls ☺ Happy new year my loves ❤ love you all endlessly

Tired of the misappropriation of the word "couture". I'd like a cup of tea, not a cup of sewing, thanks!

New Years with this love @shaym

Disney #buttahbenzo @shaym

new year selfie. James Franco style. In bed. Btw, Cross-country skiing is no joke. Extreme. Feelin it. Xoxo Love you all. What's everyone doing for New Year's Eve?

My assistant Walter's reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!

A double rainbow day in Maui!) #funfriday

Bringing in 2014 the classic way #NYC#HappyNewYear


As usual, in my own damn world! #zonin#nye (more Rihanna here.)

Yo 2014! If you ain't scuuuurd of me just ask 2013 what's up ❤️❤️❤️

Me and my homegirl @mileycyrus last night at the turn up function

Hmmm ? New Years?

that's like so 2013

2014 our year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I had so much fun bringing in the New Year with friends and family. This year is going to be special. #thisyearisyouryear

I woke up like this #NYE @beyonce @realmichellew

Happy New Year's Eve! I just made chocolate on chocolate chip pie...

Check out this little behind-the-scenes of me and my bestie @VeronicaBChu on set for this months Dress to Kill. #juststandthereandlookpretty

my monogamy it bothers you

Happy New Year from Tokyo! 2013 was truly magical.Truly. Lets make this one even better- in the Words of Allan Savory: "Lets make 2014 a Vintage year for humanity" I'm so grateful for the support of Vampire Diaries and The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. I'm so truly grateful for all of the support but I need you help- pls pls PLEASE go to Isfoundation.org and donate TODAY- it's the last day of 2013 and we need it!!!Help us build this sanctuary and start these programs! PlEASE help! Please retweet this message over and over and over!ISF Family please spread this like crazy;) Love, Ian

Just a simple eve easing into 2014 with some epic women I stumbled upon...@tayjschilling @nlyonne @lavernecox

With the brilliant and sweet Ms @tarynmanning#NYE#OITNB@oitnb

Let's Party 2014!

Off to New Zealand - bye bye xojs

Domo Arigato @duckyantonoff

What the fox said

It was an amazing year!!!