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Two Years After Her Death, Family Gets Woman's Christmas Wish Letter

Des Moines radio station Star 102.5 has been granting "Christmas Wishes" for the past 20 years, but they've never had one quite like this before.

Brenda Smith was a loving wife and mother of four boys. In September of 2011, she passed away from ovarian cancer. But not before she could make one last wish for the future of the family she left behind.

Star 102.5 invited David to talk about his late wife and listen to a reading of the letter on air for their audience after they discovered it. The letter, penned by Brenda in August 2011 a month before her death, begins this way:

"When you are in receipt of this letter, I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer. "I told [my friend] once my loving husband David had moved on in his life and had met someone to share his life with again, to mail this letter to all of you at the station.


David had indeed recently gotten engaged, to woman with children of her own. Brenda's letter had a wish for them as well:

My reason for writing is this. I have a wish for David, the boys, the woman and her family if she has kids also. I want them to know I love them very much and they always feel safe in a world of pain.


The letter goes on to ask David's new partner—a woman she never met or knew—be pampered lavishly ("hair, makeup, body or weekend getaway.") Then, she thanks the cancer doctors and staff at Mercy Hospital and tells them to take a night out, full of food, drinks and fun.

"When you wish upon a star," she writes, closing the letter.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y'all.

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This is nice. :) However, it brings up my bitter, hate filled feelings...! (Don't read if you don't wanna be depressed!)

My mother died of ovarian cancer in 2008. It was horrible. My father, two weeks before she died, talked to my brother about going to bars and hitting it up with ladies. These two had been married for over twenty years and yet he was running to bars, looking for women to replace her. Oh my god, when my laid back brother told me this, I flipped my shit. It was disgusting. Before you say, "oh, well, everyone has their own ways of grieving..." Yes, I know this. He had cheated on my mother at least one time eight or nine years prior. Blegh! What a gross human being. Not to mention he was an incestuous rapist and a compulsive liar. He took my mother's pension, which wasn't a lot, around $50, 000 and spent it on his slew of girlfriends, one of which took many of my mother's belongings and held them ransom as a manner of blackmail. He sure knew how to pick 'em! I didn't see a cent of that money, yet he told family and his girlfriends that I stole from him when I cleaned his (disgusting, my mother would have been embarrassed) house. What did I steal? Blankets, apparently. Lolwut??! WHY WOULD I STEAL BLANKETS. Oh wait, he GAVE me blankets because he offered them to me when he was getting new bedding. When he asked for them back, I didn't give them because I NEEDED THEM AND HE GAVE THEM TO ME. The last time I spoke to him he basically said, "Let's agree to disagree that you stole from me."

... I never stole anything in my life! Amg! Oh, and that $50k and my family? My brother and I never saw a cent. Neither did our half siblings. :p He spent it on three cars and gifts for his potential wives. Ugh!

Apparently he's married (which my half-sister says he moans about, claiming it's a mistake) and whines that none of his family really give two shits about him. Lol, what a creep! If there is anyone in this world who I hate, it's him and I feel totally validated in feeling so. Yup.

Well, that was therapeutic. WOOooOOoOoOOOoo. /flips table (I can't help but feel guilty that this nice story brought up all this angry shit from my past. SORRY!)