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French School Freaks Out After Some Weirdos Film a Porno Nearby

Illustration for article titled French School Freaks Out After Some Weirdos Film a Porno Nearby

The administration of a French secondary school (in France, not in New Orleans or, Charlemagne forbid, Québec) is fairly upset about an adult film — or "skin flick," as the jeunes say — that was filmed right outside of the school and featured an actress playing the role of a school supervisor.


Bosses at the Lycée Mireille Grenet in the northern French town of Compiegne are mad about how the movie, which centers around the sexual antics of a fictional school supervisor named Katrina, has negatively affected the school's reputation. Since being uploaded to a site called "Jacquie et Michel" last Sunday, the movie has predictably attracted a lot of attention from students, and a lot of anger from administrators and parents, who all worry that the close proximity of the movie to the school will make people unfamiliar with Compiegne, say, ignorant people in America, think that Lycée Mireille Grenet is a seething snakepit of sexual depravity. Or something.

The point is, having a porn filmed near a school is almost always bad for business. Pencil makers and other purveyors of vaguely phallic writing implements don't like to associate with academic institutions that can't keep away from a certain amount of insinuation. It's unseemly. Moreover, the more fodder students have for undermining the establishment, the less pleasant it is for teachers to show up everyday only to be jeered at and have crude genitals drawn all over their accessories when they're not looking.


The filmmakers have, since being contacted by the school, removed the movie from their site, but the school still thinks it's been deceived and humiliated, and may therefore pursue legal action.

Image via michaeljung / Shutterstock.

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Doug dissing Québec... not making me like you, buddy.