Dude Would Rather Date Scarlett Johansson's Voice Than a Real Woman

Illustration for article titled Dude Would Rather Date Scarlett Johanssons Voice Than a Real Woman

Oh great, another movie about a dude who's SO DESERVING OF LOVE but just can't his shit together enough to date a real woman.

This time, it's the Spike Jonze-directed Her, a film that stars Joaquin Phoenix as a dude who falls in love with his phone's operating system. The trailer is entertaining, I guess, and Scarlett Johansson sounds great as Samantha (AKA hot sexy hot sexy sexy Siri), but do we really need another fantasy movie filmed by a white man about white men who will never find the perfect woman? Partly because she doesn't exist and partly because if she does, she's a computer—a subservient robot with a sexy voice who laughs at all your jokes and takes care of your scheduling.

(Tuesday 9am: Get your shit together, bro.)

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One thing the director of a film should always ask themselves is "Has this already been the premise of an episode of The Big Bang Theory?"

If the answer is yes, maaaaaaaaybe find something else to do.