Ever look at a picture of something so amazing and delicious-looking your gut started churning in anticipation? That's what we're talking about here.

This is not necessarily a post about what you're planning on eating or making this weekend, although those dishes are welcome. This is for the aspirational food. Things you WANT to eat. Me? I don't care if it makes me a sheep-like follower, I want to put Dominique Ansel's new Cronut™ in my mouth. Valrhona Chocolate Champagne with fresh orange zest sugar? WHAT. YES. Also, Dean and Deluca's gingerbread man whoopie pies. Get inside me. And this summer I got really into these watermelon-basil jargaritas and now that summer is over I really miss those jargaritas. I dream about jargaritas. MY KINGDOM FOR A JARGARITA. I need a jargarita right now.

As Debbie Harry once sang, Dreaming Is Free.

Below, tell us all about your dream dishes. Please include pictures!

Images via Twitter, Dean and Deluca.