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New York Now Has a Sex Shop That's Also a Bistro

Illustration for article titled New York Now Has a Sex Shop Thats Also a Bistro

New York City provides its denizens with many unique dining experiences. But this might be a first. The New York Daily News reports that Chelsea's newly opened Splash Sex Shop doesn't simply plan to sell supplies for getting your rocks off. No, it'll also include an "American bistro and cafe."


Hey, it never hurts to fortify yourself before getting busy.

"It's straight, it's gay, it's everything," the store's manager told the Daily News. "There's nothing like it in the country. It's one place to eat, drink, shop and do everything."


Having paid a visit to the store, local news outlet DNA Info reported on the scene:

Stroll into the shop at 155 Eighth Ave., between 15th and 16th streets, and you're greeted with cool white seats and a sexy Christmas display. Past the cafe — which was empty on Wednesday afternoon and has not yet finalized its menu — is a blue-lit area selling lingerie and bedroom toys.

There are also plans to open a bar and lounge upstairs at the first of the year, DNA Info reports, though the store has yet to secure a liquor license. An employee also insisted it would be open 24 hours, which makes sense. Your lunch hour really isn't long enough to give vibrator shopping the time and consideration it deserves.

It's probably safe to assume the menu will be heavy on the supposed aphrodisiacs, lewdly decorated desserts and sex puns, though you never know — it could just be grilled cheese sandwiches and caesar salads. You know, crowd-pleasers.


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Call me a prude, but I don't know how I feel about ordering something that goes in my mouth while I can at the same time order something that goes into my butt.