Brandi Glanville Says Joanna Krupa's Pussy Smells Bad

OK, so there's some backstory to this—obviously—and of course I'll get into it in a sec, but the gist here is that vaginal odor is now on the table in the Real Housewives franchise.


It started like this:

During The Real Housewives of Miami reunion episode—that aired on Monday—one of the women mentioned that Brandi Glanville (who is on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) told her that Joanna Krupa (a Miami cast member) "broke up the marriage" of Yolanda Foster (another Beverly Hills cast member) and her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid (a super rich guy who has been featured on Beverly Hills as well as Shahs of Sunset) because they had an affair.

Brandi just so happened to be on Watch What Happens Live right after that reunion show aired on Bravo. She confirmed the rumor to Andy Cohen, saying that Mohamed told her he had sex with Joanna. (Remember, Brandi takes exception to adultery, because of her own mess with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes.)

Cut to later, during the WWH after show, which airs live on the Internet, Andy receives some breaking news from a producer via his earpiece. Joanna tweeted the following about Brandi:

No wonder her husband left her.

(The tweet has since been deleted.)

After Andy repeated the tweet to Brandi, she immediately revealed that Mohamed told her that Joanna's "pussy smelled." (The implication was that said smell was "bad.") She claimed that Lisa Vanderpump (from Beverly Hills) was a witness to the convo. However, Lisa and Brandi are on the outs, and Lisa, with her dry wit, tweeted the following:

It's unclear if Joanna was watching the after show, but she did retweet something vaginal about Brandi:


So this is where we are now: talking about a couple of cunts.

After Show: Joanna Strikes Back LIVE! [BravoTv]


Bright Heathen

And what exactly are vaginas suppose to smell like? Someone tell me that.