Holy Shitballs, There's a Bathtub Version of the Infinity Edge Pool

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I am never getting out the bath ever again. I will shrivel up into a prune and then you can feed my shrunken corpse (via VitaMix'ed smoothie?) to Mark Ruffalo so that I might, just once, know him intimately.


These whirlpool overflow bathtubs are from German manufacturer Käsch, and they're designed from a reoccurring happy dream of mine. They're set level to the floor and the water is able to flow over the sides and the circulate back into the tub. Fuck a Disneyland, these tubs right here are the are the Happiest Place on Earth.

I'm willing to barter vital organs for one. Let's make a deal.

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On a business trip, I stayed at an uberfancy hotel that had an infinity bathtub set into the floor. It was so amazing. Here I am, 26, saddled with student-loan debt, poor and alone in a strange country, eating room-service pizza out of an infinity bathtub.