Are you looking for a more highbrow sexual experience? Do your ladyparts crave the feeling of enveloping a miniature version of the human form? Are you tired of using the old Wet Dreamhouse Barbie to get off? Then have we got something for you.

Introducing Masturpieces, a new limited edition line of dildos carefully crafted to resemble your favorite icons! Products include Cunt Dracula, the Vagenie, Buckingham Phallus (in the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II), and Rampant Rabbi. Because nothing says, "I love my womanly self" like shoving a silicone rabbi up your cooch.

The toys are made from non-latex high-grade silicone, but it seems like cleaning them would be a bit of a hassle, what with all the meticulously intricate details. But, you know, don't knock it till you try it?

The Masturpieces go for £99, or roughly $160 for you horny Yanks.

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